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Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical


For the fans of Game of Thrones, chances are that you have heard that Coldplay had teamed up with the cast of GoT to create a spoof video for Red Nose Day in the US.

Of all the delightful and fun sketches that the Red Nose Day event gave the world, none is quite as ridiculous as this musical. It’s got Nikolaj Coster-Waldau singing about incest, Peter Dinklage singing about dead characters and Emilia Clarke going all reggae because, why not? It also has the benefit of freaking us out by having all the actors from the show in regular clothing, which is just not really allowed. (Plus there are characters who have died in here!) Oh and Chris Martin accidentally calls the Targaryens the “Kardashians,” which is such a rookie mistake. (via)

The spoof takes top spot on Campaignmag’s viral chart, shared over 144,087 times the time the article was published.

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