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Songs about Typography

comic sans song

An old post, Johannes Schardt had been listening to “Times New Romance”, a song from the Monochrome album, and wondered if there are any other songs with typographical references. So he spent the last 7 or 8 minutes after some to do some extensive research on this topic.

Here are the official Top 7 Typographic Songs, in Johannes’ words:

“Times New Romance” by Monochrome
Hard to beat, the number one spot goes to the song that started my investigations. Monochrome have been one of mine and Christophe’s favourite German bands for over a decade. Although the song itself isn’t about the font or anything related, Monochrome have a strong tie to typography. Their artworks always feature carefully chosen and layouted typefaces. Buy their records and you will be rewarded with great music in beautiful packagings.

GBI (German Bold Italic)” by Towa Tei feat. Kylie Minogue
“My name is German Bold Italic / I am a type face / Which you have never heard before / Which you have never seen before”. Right, never heard about this font before, but it probably looks like this.

“Boring Arial Layout” by Grace Period
Certainly not the best track on Grace Period’s album “Dynasty”, but good enough to make it to #3. The Boston based band has released on such great labels as Audio Dregs and Static Caravan.

“Typeface” by Discordance Axis
You might have some problems to understand the lyrics in this songs, but it certainly comes across that the guy is very angry.

“Times New Roman” by Applicants
Another song with reference to the typeface we use in our headlines. Applicants are – in their own words – “the most famous and best bloodbeat / pop and roll / electro / punk / indie / chiphop / 8-bit / smashTV / splattercore band of all time!”. Well…

“Comic Sans Dance” by Bold Faces
A goofy song about a goofy font. Bold Faces from Stockholm are graphic designers who spit out short punkrock songs about kerning, logotypes and file formats. All songs are available for free on their website.

“Die Neue Haas Grotesk” by The Slows
An instrumental, electronic track titled with the original name of the world’s most famous typeface: Helvetica.

Honorable mention: Sven Väth produced some tracks under the moniker “Akzidenz Grotesk”.

(Image is from The Comic Sans song from gunnarolla feat. Andrew Huang – which is, so much wow.)

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